Insurance Planning

Many people obtain life insurance when they first have children and then forget about it, except for when the premium bill is due. However, an effective financial plan includes re-examining your life insurance needs continually throughout your life to ensure the assets you've accumulated are protected and provide additional opportunities to create wealth. At Flaharty Asset Management, we offer premium life insurance, estate, and retirement planning to help you plan for unexpected expenses that come up in life.

As an independent advisor, we are not tied to any specific insurance company or product. This freedom allows us to focus on solutions that fit your needs today, and in the future. With our Premier Case Services team, we help our clients find solutions for:

  • Nursing Home Expenses and Long term Care
  • Final Expenses
  • Cash Value and Tax-free Income
  • Retirement Income
  • Business Continuation
  • Hybrid Insurance Plans
  • Life Insurance

To find out how you can start your insurance planning, contact us today!

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