Second to owning a home, for most people their 401(k) investment is their largest financial asset. It is important that employers not only provide a plan that allows their employees to save for retirement, but also allows them to execute investment strategies that meet the demands of today’s markets. At the same time when employers do not provide a plan that meets the requirements of the Department Of Labor, they expose themselves to potential lawsuits and personal liability. 


Employers need to protect their fiduciary liability, and provide a retirement solution with the flexibility to meet the needs of their employees. Flaharty Asset Management provides a 401(k) plan that limits the fiduciary exposure of the employer and helps employees to meet their retirement goals.


Individual Participant Advice - I.P.A.


Jim Degenhardt discusses the benefits of taking control of your 401K investment strategy. 

For many of us, our 401(k) plan is our only savings for retirement, which is why it is important that you utilize the investments that fit your needs inside the plan. If you are not comfortable with your 401(k) options, we can provide the advice and monitoring that many 401(k) plans lack. Please contact us today and let us help you understand your 401(k)/retirement plan.