Our Process to Create Your Personalized Investment Strategy

Our clients have a personalized financial plan that is founded on sound investment principles and customized to address their specific issues, within their specific time horizon and considering their personal tolerance for risk. Once the client adopts this personalized investment strategy as their own, we provide the discipline. It is the dual-commitment that sets us apart. This process is a continuous cycle with your personal financial advisor that, through regular reviews, adapts to the changes in your life.

"Wealth isn’t primarily determined by investment performance, but by investor behavior"

- Nick Murray



The financial market place is a complex and dynamic environment. Under ever-changing economic and market conditions, financial strategies, advice and opinions abound from a myriad of sources. One’s many assorted advisors, business associates, friends, and even the media all contribute to the abundance of information, which can overwhelm and frustrate even successful, affluent investors. Economic news, market fluctuations, the current return on that investment that your neighbor talks about – all conspire to create what we call “noise.”

At Flaharty Asset Management, we listen to the client, not the noise.

As your personal financial advisor, we give you the facts, not the noise. Contact Us now for more information about a personalized investment strategy!