The old adage, “It’s a man’s world” is defined and challenged by authors Whiteley, Duckworth, and Elliot in The Old Girls’ Network. Armed with the knowledge that men obtain 95% of investor financing, the authors strive to break down walls and “connect women with the resources they need to start and build sustainable high-growth businesses.” Although many female would-be entrepreneurs have creative and exciting business ideas, they often find that inspiration is not enough to convince male investors. The concept of an “old girls’” network is still uncommon, and the authors aim to fill this void by teaching the reader how to gain the skills and “language” necessary for success.

Packed with humor, wisdom, and real-life examples, this book offers insight designed to make resources and funding available to all. While the tone is inspirational and encouraging, the authors do not shrink from discussing the pitfalls and difficulties start-up businesses can encounter. Although only 50% of small businesses make it through the first year, The Old Girls’ Network provides the strategies needed to increase those odds, and help ensure that those businesses that survive the first year will continue to prosper in the second and beyond. In addition, the authors include sample legal forms, letters, documents, templates, and PowerPoint presentations to prepare any entrepreneur for what lies ahead.

Sharon Whiteley, Kathy Elliot, and Connie Duckworth are angel investors and some of the founders of Eight Wings Enterprises, LLC. They serve as advisors, consultants, and mentors to female-owned start-ups, and help women develop sound business plans, structure, and financing to increase their presence in the business world.

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