Written by 
Anthony Scaramucci

Published by
John Wiley & Sons
228 Pages

ISBN: 9781118099674

“This book says it all, very simply and to the point. If you have ever wondered how an alternative investment works this book gives you a great look inside the cloak and dagger - known as hedge funds." - Shon Flaharty 

The "Little Book of Hedge Funds" gives an insightful, brief overview of the hedge fund industry. If you have limited time but want to learn about esoteric investing terms in a simplistic manner this is the book you want to read.

Anthony, the author, is an industry veteran who’s seen tremendous success in the field managing a hedge fund and as an incubator for up and coming fund managers.  He does an excellent job sharing his broad industry knowledge and experience. This should benefit readers ranging from industry veterans to college students attempting to enter the industry.

The book is most relevant for quickly educating yourself about the hedge fund and fund of funds industry from a conceptual perspective. However, one of the more insightful sections was the list of "15 things I would do." This list is doable and applicable to success in life and almost any career.

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