Written by 
Ilyce R. Glink

Published by
Times Business Random House
510 Pages


A home is the single, largest purchase most Americans will ever make. With so much money-and so many dreams- at stake, it is essential to become a fully- informed buyer. 100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask is an invaluable resource for buyers who are new to the market. It provides the kind of detailed information purchasers need to successfully navigate the increasingly complex real estate market. 

The book is well-organized into chapters that lead first-time buyers through the entire process from start to finish. Initial chapters cover the basics such as how to determine the right house for your needs, and how to sort "needs" from "wants." In succeeding sections, Glink addresses how to know what you can afford, understand mortgage options, and negotiate the deal. Finally, the book explores the closing process and post-sale issues. 

Answers are provided by the nation`s top real estate brokers. Author, Ilyce R. Glink, a nationally-recognized, award-winning real estate educator, also draws from her own vast store of knowledge. 

This revised, second edition has been updated for today`s market. New topics include how to make the most of Internet resources, how to get the best mortgage deal, and how to take advantage of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. 

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